Plumbing Maintenance And Repair Tips

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When it comes to home maintenance and repairs, plumbing is one of the top problems a homeowner can face. It’s because there are so many moving parts involved, plus high-pressure water, rust, electricity, and sewer, that all add up to problems. Of course, routine maintenance, constant upgrading, and careful vigilance are all part of the game, but so is keeping the number of an emergency plumber handy as well.

It’s Important To Keep The System Maintained On Schedule

There are certain parts of your plumbing system that can become emergencies if not kept in proper maintenance. One of those is the septic system. Every so many years it will need to be pumped, you shouldn’t wait until it backs up into your basement to take action. You should have it completely emptied on a schedule before problems arise.

When you let it go too long, the sediments will build up inside the tank and start to back up into the house plumbing which causes more serious problems that could have been avoided. In addition to that, sediments will start to overflow into the drain field causing early failure, blockages, and plenty of problems there too.

Yearly inspections of the sewer pipe leading to the tank or to the street can also help to keep the lines clear. Many older homes have iron pipes that will eventually rust from the inside and outside at the same time. Then, tree roots will invade, growing rapidly to absorb the water and nutrients in the sewer. By getting periodic video inspections you can avoid emergencies like backup drains, collapsed pipes, and complete replacements.

The modern plumber can find a damaged pipe, insert an inflatable sleeve, and repair a broken pipe as long as it hasn’t completely collapsed. This can all be done remotely without digging up your yard, driveway, or sidewalks, saving thousands of dollars in repairs.

Checking Toilet Tank Valves And Floats Is Easy And Cheap

Another weak link in the system are the float and valve parts in the toilet tank. These are very inexpensive to replace and most homeowners should be able to do it without much trouble. Having a bad float, valve, chain, or flapper can cause a toilet to run constantly, wasting water and possibly causing other problems down the line. You can replace nearly all of the parts in a toilet tank for less than $5 in total.

Watching the toilet donut gasket is an important part of maintenance as well. These big wax gaskets can usually be bought for around $2 each, then replacement is a chore, but not that difficult once you learn how. On the other hand, millions of dollars of damage are caused by failed toilet gaskets each year.

When the water starts to leak, just a few drops at a time, it causes dry rot in the surrounding wood flooring. This is very expensive to fix, involving professional carpenters, and can cost into the thousands, just because of a failed $2 part that takes 20 minutes to replace.

Under Sink Flex Pipes Should Be Checked Periodically Too

Those flexible pipes that feed the fresh water from your shut-off valve to the faucet should be checked and the sink drains as well. The two of them are prone to leaking and causing mold and dry rot problems under many sinks. The parts are cheap and easy to unscrew by hand or with simple tools, but broken pipes can be catastrophic problems causing flooding and plenty of damage.

The drains should also be maintained by running hot water down them frequently, making visual inspections, and cleaning out the traps before they become blocked. This is another place were just a few inspections and a little care can prevent larger problems that need emergency attention.

You should always have a good 24-hour plumber, like The Plumbing Guys Joplin, that you can call in an emergency. When a pipe breaks or the sewer backs up, there are serious consequences to your home. Flooding can damage flooring, ruin belongings in the basement, and cause mold to grow as well. There is a huge portion of the populace that are extremely allergic to many types of mold spores and some of them are even toxic.

If you take the time to learn about your plumbing you can avoid having to call a plumber quite so often. There are how-to videos on the Internet you can watch to learn almost anything. But you should still find a good local plumber and keep his number handy for emergencies just in case.

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